What is the process of becoming a HealthCare Traveler?

Follow these six easy steps to begin or continue your healthcare traveling experience!

1. Search, review and complete a information request for that particular job posting.

The "Information Request" is quick, easy and free. Complete the request and a recruiter will get a hold of you to discuss the opportunity. 

2. Choose the agencies with which you want to work.

With HCEN you have the opportunity to explore the benefits of each agency that contacts you. It is a competitive field and our client agencies want to work with you! Ultimately, it will come down to which agency has the assignment you want, the compensation, and your time table for starting an assignment.

3. Choose a healthcare staffing agency or multiple agencies that you feel meets your needs.

You will have a variety of opportunities from which to choose. Each agency will have their own perks to offer but you will find that, for the most part, they all offer similar compensation and benefit packages. Again, it usually comes down to the agency that has the right assignment for you.

4. Choose an assignment with the healthcare travel agency that you wish to pursue.

You will be offered different assignments in different locations according to the preferences you indicated on your profile. At this point you will need to make some choices and pursue the assignment(s) that are most attractive to you.

5. Interviews

By this point in the process, you will have interviewed with the healthcare travel agency and narrowed your assignment preferences. Your chosen agency will present you to the healthcare facility and that facility will schedule a phone interview with you. Your agency recruiter will coordinate this for you.

6. Accept the assignment

Accept the assignment! The team at your healthcare staffing agency will work with you regarding licensing, credentialing, and housing.

Some of the benefits of traveling as a healthcare professional include:

  • Great Compensation Packages
  • Receive a Housing Stipend/ or Accommodations
  • Build your skills
  • Explore different Regions
  • Endless Opportunities and Adventures
  • Professional Career Growth
  • Freedom and Flexibility
  • Meet new People and make new Friends

Note: You may be asked to extend your assignment another 13 weeks. That’s great! It means you have impressed your assigned healthcare facility and they value your skills and experience. Your recruiter will contact you about an extension if it is offered or talk with you about your next assignment.