Believe it or not dancing has many benefits. First and foremost, it makes you feel better, right away. I say this because I dance whenever I get the chance and of late, it seems to be mostly in my living room. And I know the results from my own experience. I do go out and dance to live music and the DJ sometimes too. I treat it like a fun workout, loud music and lots of dancing for an hour or so gets a good sweat going and gives me the benefits I’m looking for. These workouts keep me younger and more vigorous than my peers for sure. Professional healthcare providers and/or travel nurses have a lot of stress in our lives and finding methods to relieve this stress are crucial. Well I can tell you that dancing can and will relieve some of your stress. Let loose, let it flow and melt that stress away. Dancing has been shown to reduce depression and anxiety. Many studies have confirmed this and also show that brain activity is improved which can increase your overall wellbeing. Moving will improve muscle tone and strength while helping with coordination, flexibility and agility. It can even decrease the risk of osteoporosis and help strengthen your bones. So, if you had any doubts, the jury is no longer out on this one. Shake your booty and improve your health and wellbeing while having some fun!
The healthcare travel industry is booming and there is no expected slow down any time soon. Travel nurses and professional healthcare travelers are needed in almost every city and facility in the US. The baby boomers are retiring, the nursing shortage continues and everybody needs a break or a vacation. And that makes for a major demand for professional healthcare travelers and travel nurses. Are you a traveler? Have you ever thought about embarking on a new path in your career as a professional healthcare traveler? If you have two years of experience in your specialty then there are high-paying, great jobs just waiting for you. You can earn top pay and benefits and explore a new place, all while enhancing your career. What do you think? Winter in the mountains, or maybe even skip winter and hide out in one of many tropical destinations in our beautiful country? All of these destinations, be they winter, or summer, are in need of your expertise. Maybe you have some family or a loved one in a city far from your home. Travel nursing presents a great opportunity to go to a new place and stay for an extended period so you can be closer and some assignments can last for several months. The variety and diversity of what is available is almost mind boggling. can help you get started by putting you in touch with some of the top agencies in the industry today. Just click here if you would like to fill out our Request for More Information and you will be hearing from top recruiters in just a matter of days. Safe travels and Happy November!
I love my house plants but they are not in my environment just because they look good. They also help me stay healthy. Your surroundings have so much to do with your wellbeing. And different plants have different benefits besides beautifying your space. As a travel nurse it’s nice to spruce up your new place with a few simple plants. Travel nurses and professional healthcare travelers can have difficulty making your new home feel more like home and a few plants may help with that. Aloe Vera is a common plant that can be used for so many things. I’m sure you have used aloe vera in products over the years. It is a common ingredient in sunburn relief and many skin products. It can be used to treat burns, psoriasis and cold sores and just to soothe irritated skin. Of course, there is no scientific evidence to back up these claims, but aloe vera has been used for centuries by a variety of cultures with great success. Peace Lilies are one of my favorites to keep in my office. A Peace Lily can filter the air in your room and they are so easy to keep alive. They don’t need a lot of light and can flourish indoors without a lot of attention yet be hard at work cleaning your air. They also help absorb the air pollutants like ammonia, benzene, and other impurities in your home. They also have beautiful white blooms in the summer. Spider plants are another great plant that are easy to keep alive in an indoor environment. They are known to remove formaldehyde from your home’s air. Spider plants don’t require a lot of light either which makes them a good indoor choice. Carbon monoxide and other toxic impurities are also targeted by spider plants. These toxic substances are in your air from all the things you use everyday, like paper towels, napkins, wax papers, paper bags and so much more. A Lavender plant can work well in any part of your home but it is especially helpful in your bedroom as it promotes a good night’s sleep. The smell of the lavender can help you with nervousness, anxiety, depression and even insomnia. Lavender is often used in spas and massage because of its pleasant aroma. It is also known as a stress reliever. I have not had a lot of luck with lavender but do love the smell. A Boston Fern is a beautiful and functional addition to your home as well. They are great at purifying the air and easy to grow. They don’t require a lot of sunlight and prefer shady to sunny. They usually grow great in an airconditioned space and can absorb lots of unwanted toxins from your environment. Poor air quality in your space can be improved easily with a few of these houseplants and of course, I love the way they look. I have always had lots of plants in my home and think they add much more to my décor than fancy furniture. As a travel nurse or healthcare traveler it’s always good to have a few tips to brighten up your temporary home. Innocent looking houseplants can be a simple way to improve the air quality in your space and brighten your day as well!
Have you ever considered foregoing your holidays on those certain days of the year and earning some extra dough? You could have your holiday early or late for a change, and take advantage of the great travel assignments available during the holidays. There are plenty of RN’s working across the nation who would love have time off during the holidays and that can work to your advantage as a travel nurse. Maybe you’ve always wanted to check out another location or big city during the holidays. I know I would love to visit Manhattan during the Christmas season to see all the beautiful decorations. Well, this year could be your chance to do just that. Time for a change? A quick assignment in a different environment for the holidays might be just the thing you are looking for. Plus there are top dollars to be made for helping your colleagues get some much-needed time off during the holidays. You can check the jobs available here on or of course if you would like more help you can always fill out our Request for More Info form here and we will put some of the top agencies in the nation in touch with you to fulfill your wishes and get you started on your first…or next..adventure!
Believe it or not, there are many theories about yawning, but no clearcut reason as to why we yawn. Babies even yawn while they are still in the womb. So, there goes the boredom and/or fatigue reasoning that you may have heard over the years. The fact is that when we yawn we take in a big breath of oxygen. This big rush of oxygen makes your heart beat faster which could be your body’s way of flushing toxins. The blood needs some more oxygen so it signals the brain to initiate a yawn to bring in a fresh supply. This is one of many theories which says that it is simply a part of breathing. Have you noticed you can pass a yawn to others? After observing myself yawning,  I have also noticed that if the person I see yawning is not somebody I have some sort of attachment to, I will not catch the yawn. But yawning can also be caught from and/or passed to animals. I don’t claim to understand this at all but have been observing myself more since beginning this little tad of research. Since beginning this research and noticing my own behavior I lean more toward the answer which notes that a yawn may be the way your body signals a change from one state of being to another. Like when I’m getting ready for bed I start to yawn when I get in bed signaling that I am changing to a resting state. In the morning I yawn a few times when I wake up as well, possibly again signaling the body is changing from resting to waking state. When you yawn from boredom maybe it’s just a way of changing from a higher to a lower level of alertness. Just a few thoughts for all you busy travel nurses and traveling healthcare professionals who may have pondered this yourselves. I found many great articles to read about yawning. Maybe those yawns on the job mean you need to breathe a little deeper when you have the opportunity and blow out some stress from your always challenging profession. Safe travels.
Did you know that the old saying Laughter is the Best Medicine really has some truth behind it? It’s true. Laughter can help you relieve stress and we all know that as a travel nurse and/or professional healthcare traveler, there is plenty of stress involved in our day to day. New places, new people, new everything can lead to high stress. Laughter can really help you with this stress. And now, we all have a computer in our pocket, so you can just pull out your phone and play a funny video or watch something that makes you smile. Having a good laugh can decrease the stress hormones in your body while it also increases your immune cells and antibodies that fight infection. It also releases endorphins which are the way the body makes you feel good. There are many other benefits of laughing as well. Laughing boosts the T-Cells in your body and improves heart health. It can even lower your blood pressure, which is always a good thing. Laughter has been known to relieve pain while it improves your immune system. When you laugh you take in more oxygen-rich air too and this can stimulate your lungs and heart as well as the muscles of your body, even your abs. It stimulates the circulation in your body and can also help with relaxation. I know that this is my go-to each night to begin the winding down process for sleep. I watch comedy of many kinds, stand-up, movies and even some sitcoms. I also watch videos on YouTube and Facebook, and as you know, the more you watch the more they know what you want to watch and they will feed you more funny stuff. There are so many ways to find things to make you laugh and there are long term benefits to laughter as well. Overall it can improve your mood, make you feel better and more satisfied, and even help with pain relief. Travel nurses and professional healthcare travelers need to let off steam after a hard day of caring for your patients and some laughter, either alone or with some friends, truly can be your best medicine!
Can you believe that it’s October already? Wow, the summer sure did fly by and hopefully some cooler weather is on the way. There are fall festivals happening in so many locations. Just do a local google search for Fall Festivals wherever it is that you might be at this beautiful time of year. What’s your favorite part of fall? Cooler weather, Halloween, Pumpkin Spice, Thanksgiving, Sweaters….so many different aspects of the season. And everybody has their different favorite thing about this time of year. Living in a southern climate makes you really look forward to some cooler weather. But, here in Florida we are still hitting 90’s almost every day but the evenings and mornings are definitely a little cooler in autumn. A road trip into the mountains to check out the first fall colors is always a great adventure for a weekend in the fall. You have to catch it just right of course. The more northern states obviously get their colors a little earlier than the more southerly states but usually through October and early November is the best time to view the beautiful changing colors. You don’t want to wait too long as the cold winter winds will soon blow all the leaves away and then there is only brown and bare foliage. I love to go camping in the fall too. Cool evenings by the fire is one of my favorite ways to spend my down time in the fall. My family and I go camping, hiking, kayaking and of course lots of star gazing. There are plenty of meteor showers throughout the fall and if you can get away from city lights you can experience a wonderful show of shooting stars in many locations. So much to do to enjoy the fall during your down time, or even plan some time to take off on a fall adventure. Get outside, walk in the woods, breathe in the forest air and renew yourself. Happy Fall and Safe Travels!
We here at HCEN, HealthCare Employment Network, are here to help you find the right job in the right location for you the professional healthcare traveler or travel nurse. In the foreseeable future there will continue to be more jobs than there are qualified people to fill them. The travel nurse and professional healthcare traveler industry is booming. We realize that the choices can be overwhelming and every site you visit wants their own application or forms.  With just one click here, you can fill out our Request For More Information and we will submit your app and resume to some of the top agencies in the industry today. One simple form is all it takes to get you on your way to the best pay, top benefits, a new adventure in a new locale, and all while enhancing your career. You don’t have to worry about which agency to choose as we have done our homework and only work with the best agencies. How does spending the winter in a sunny and warm climate if you are used to dealing with cold. Or of course the opposite can be true as well. If you live in a warm state, maybe you would like to change it up and participate in some outdoor winter sports for a change. The opportunities are available for you and it’s all up to you where and when you want to go! There are assignments for periods of 8 weeks, 13 weeks and 26 weeks and even some for shorter terms if you really want to keep moving. Over the past six years literally thousands of professional healthcare travelers and travel nurses have utilized our easy form to get started on their first….or next, adventure!
Are you an experienced ICU RN looking for top pay, benefits and great, new adventures? Travel assignments for ICU nurses in all the specialties, NICU, PICU, SICU, Trauma, etc. are in demand in top facilities and major markets across the country. If the big city is not your thing, there are plenty of opportunities available in smaller facilities as well. Travel nurses are always in demand as there are currently more jobs available than there are qualified RN’s to fill them. The choice can be yours if you have two years of experience in your specialty and are willing to jump in feet first and take on a challenge, then becoming a professional healthcare traveler could be just what you are looking for. Here at we want to help you find the best fit for you to move forward with your new experience while enhancing your career at the same time. You fill out our Request For More Information field and we get you in touch with a few of the top agencies in the industry today. They can help you figure out what you want to do and where. There are so many opportunities available for you to choose from. And did you know that your agency will help you with housing, including finding you housing at your new location, and some of them are even pet friendly if you have a furry roommate. Your recruiter will be there to help you with all the details and make for a smooth transition on your first….or next…adventure. If you would like to get started just click here to fill out our Request for More Information and we will put in touch with the people who can help you get where you want to be! Safe travels.
Believe it or not Florida is one of the largest states and has so many different environments, not just coastlines and beautiful beaches. There are natural springs with beautiful clear water that stays between 68-72 degrees year round. There are too many lakes to even count, as well as inland rivers, for fishing and water sports if you don’t want to swim in the ocean. There are plenty of opportunities for outdoor activities when the weather is a little cooler. There are major cities with large populations and medical centers including Miami, Orlando, Tampa, Jacksonville, Pensacola just to name a few. Travel nurses and professional healthcare travelers are always in demand in these facilities as there are more jobs than there are qualified caregivers to fill them. There is NASCAR in Daytona Beach and major sports teams in Jacksonville, Tampa, Miami and Orlando if those activities are of interest to you. Of course all the major theme parks are represented in the Orlando Metropolitan area: Islands of Adventure, Disney Parks, Aquariums, Wax Museums, Universal Studios and the newest Orlando Entertainment Complex on I-Drive. Needless to say, tourism abounds and there are always new people to meet if you like to get out and about. There are many festivals in the winter and the snowbirds (people who live in Florida in the winter and migrate north in the summer) populate the state from about December/January to March/April or even longer. Outdoor activities are popular in the winter months as the weather is usually warm, with very few days of temperatures below 50 degrees F. Camping, hiking, 4-wheeling, golfing, zip-lining, boating, kayaking and so many more fun activities can be enjoyed in the winter months when the temps are more hospitable to us humans and not so hot like it is in the summer. Is it time you started your discovery of all that Florida has to offer? If so, just click here and we can put you in touch with some of the top agencies in the industry today and get you started on your first…..or next, adventure! Make top dollar with great benefits and explore the beautiful diversity of Florida, all while enhancing your career! Safe travels!