The Covid19 virus continues to spread across America and the world. RT’s, Respiratory Therapists, are in high demand and drawing top pay and benefits all across the country. Some of our agencies have noted that they have literally thousands of job postings from major facilities for Respiratory Therapists to try and keep up with the increasing demand as this virus continues to rock the world as we know it. Respiratory therapists are a specialized healthcare practitioner and are trained to work with people who are suffering with pulmonary issues. Covid19 is a respiratory illness and therefore the call for RT’s nationwide has expanded, and continues to expand, exponentially. Do you have two years of experience in this field? If so, we can help you find a great job with top pay and benefits just about anywhere in the US. Can you help? If you would like to explore the opportunities available, please click here to fill out our Request for More Information . One simple form is all we need and we here at can put you in touch with the top agencies who are looking for you and have much to offer. Let’s take care of each other and give our patients the best care available to them. We can, and will, get through this together!
Well, needless to say, our agencies are in dire need of Registered Nurses who specialize in Infection Control to work in hospitals all across our country to combat this pandemic we are facing. Travel nurses specializing in Infection Control have come to the forefront of what hospitals are needing at this time. Covid19, or the Corona Virus, is raging across the US and the numbers are jumping every day. The specific requirements of Infection Control is an RN who is familiar with the procedures to try and prevent the spread of infectious agents like bacteria and viruses. And, of course, Covid19 is a deadly virus strain that is taking the world by storm at this time in history. Surely nothing like this has been seen in my lifetime of 60 plus years and we hope that by trying to keep people at home and Socially Distancing we can stop the spread or at least “flatten the curve”. We know that healthcare workers and RN’s are working their hardest and doing their part to help as many people as they can. And we hope that the general population will help by following the guidelines set forth by those in charge to try to slow the progress of this pandemic. We want you to know that we appreciate everything you are doing and the sacrifices you are making on the front lines. Keep Up the Good Work and Thank You from all of us!
We all know that you are the people on the front lines of this national pandemic and we want you to know how much we all appreciate you. We know you are putting yourself in danger every day when you go to work and we wanted to take a few minutes to thank you from the bottom of all our hearts! We all have heard all the dire predictions. COVID19 has taken over the world and the media. The reports are everywhere and the numbers keep going up. Hopefully here in the US we have gotten enough information out to help flatten the curve and save some lives. It surely won’t be because our political leadership has any clue what to do. But we sure do hope some of the experts and their expert advice will prevail in the days and weeks ahead. We understand that this “social distancing” can be hard on people. And, I’m sure you, as healthcare providers, wish this was the issue you were facing instead of putting your life and the health of your families at risk every time you go to work. Please know that our thoughts and prayers are with you, and all of us, in this trying time. Think positive, try to get rest when you can, and do the best you can. That’s all any of us can ask for and/or hope for at this time. Be safe and let’s do what we can together to get us all through this!
Well as you are all very much aware the Corona Virus, or COVID-19 is running rampant. And, of course, as healthcare professionals and travel nurses you will be on the front lines, as you well know. And the world Thanks You! Predictions and reactions to this virus run the gamut from a global disaster to a seasonal flu. The news is full of reports every day and loads and loads of information, and misinformation as well. As you know, it originated in China and is already in well over 100 countries and spreading fast. Last week The WHO sited this virus as a global pandemic. It can cause a wide range of respiratory illnesses all the way from just a cold to full blown pneumonia. It is very contagious and spreads easily from person to person. It can also survive on surfaces for up to three days. You know the drill. You went to school for this stuff. So, forget the handshakes and hugs for a while. We can always bow to each other instead.  First of all, hoping that you are in good health and have been regularly boosting your immune system with all the great things that are beneficial, such as eating healthy, exercising, drinking lots of water, and…of course, washing your hands. Let’s take care of each other and try to contain the spread of this virus, as we know you already are. Safe travels and let’s go Travel Nurses, we know you got this!
Can you handle working in the Emergency Department? You never know what’s going to be coming through those doors when working the local emergency rooms? Big city facilities, rural facilities and everything in between, are always in need of quick-thinking RN’s to work in the emergency rooms across the country. Do you enjoy the rush and immediacy of the ED? You have to be quick, think on your feet and keep moving to take care of your patients and get them the treatments and/or procedures they need, as well as getting them where they need to be. It’s a fast paced job and many are well suited for it. As a travel nurse you can choose where you want to go work. Would you like to experience the fast pace of the inner city hospital, or maybe a not so frantic assignment in a smaller area of the country. The choice is really yours. Is there a place or area of our beautiful country you have always wanted to explore? Maybe some summer snorkeling in the clear waters of the Florida Keys? Camping and hiking in the Rocky Mountains? Cycling the PCH? Who knows what you could come up with. Is it time for you to start your adventures as a travel nurse? If so, just click here and we can help you by putting you in touch with the top agencies in the industry who are looking for you. Maybe it’s time to start planning your first….or next adventure! Safe travels in 2020!
Alaska, known for its wilderness and beautiful sights. Not really a travel destination many people think about. What do you think? One of the great upsides of travel nurses is exceptional freedom to try new things and explore the world, doing what you love. Well Anchorage, Alaska is a great travel destination for travel nurses!  Anchorage, Alaska is home to Alaska's biggest hospital, Providence Alaska Medical Center. With its booming healthcare and the exceptional pay it offers, it's definitely the number one choice for those adventurous travel nurses. With the city’s Northern location, you can expect to be basking in sunlight well into the night! That will definitely take some getting used to! It does offer awesome outdoor activities like boating, camping and fishing to soothe your outdoorsy needs. Plus, the beautiful scenery is definitely a great upside! 
Did you know that as an OT, PT or SLP, you are also in demand for travel assignments? Travel nurses are getting top benefits and compensation while traveling to places they’ve always wanted to visit. And Occupational Therapists, Physical Therapists and Speech Language Pathologists can also start exploring America with short term assignments across the country? To land these great jobs you need to have two years of experience in your discipline and a get up and go personality. You have to jump in to your new assignment with both feet. Is there am area of the country that you’ve always wanted to explore, maybe a little more than a short vacation would allow? Or, maybe you have some family in another state and you could spend some more time with them. Most travel assignments start out at 13 weeks. Some can be shorter if you are really looking for fast paced travel? And if you are comfortable and like the assignment sometimes it can even be extended to 26 weeks. That’s plenty of time to get to know an area and explore the surroundings. Professional healthcare travelers make top pay and get great benefits, all while enhancing your career and having an adventure. Is it your turn to take off on an adventure? Always wanted to explore the Northwest and participate in some winter outdoor activities? Or maybe the beach sounds more like it? Well, would you prefer Hawaii, California or maybe even the Florida Keys? It’s all up to you! The professional healthcare travel industry is booming and shows no signs of slowing down any time soon. Just click here to fill out our Request For More Information and we will put you in touch with some of the top agencies in the industry that are looking for you! Let’s get your started on your first…..or next, adventure?
Coconut water is not just tasty and trendy, it is good for you. Benefits abound from this nutritious and natural drink. Of course, the key is to make sure the one you drink does not have added sugars or flavors. The markets and stores are full of coconut water with added stuff that you don’t need. Stick to the pure coconut water, with no additives. Don’t confuse the water with coconut milk. Coconut milk is made from the meat of the coconut. The coconut water is straight from the coconut. If you are lucky enough to find young green coconuts in your area, or at your local healthy marketplace, you can store them in your refrigerator for 2-3 weeks and just push a straw in when you are ready for a drink. Most coconuts contain a cup or less of the healthy substance. Coconut water has been found beneficial in several aspects regarding our health as humans. It can help lower the occurrence of kidney stones as it reduces the crystals formed in your kidneys and also keeps the crystals that are formed, from sticking to your urinary tract. This tasty beverage has also been shown to reduce cholesterol and triglyceride levels, in some cases, better than the statin drugs prescribed for the same effect. It may help you lower your blood pressure and could even help reduce blood clot formation. Coconut water is very high in potassium which is great for overall heart health as well as these benefits. Coconut water contains lots of antioxidants which can help modify the free radicals formed in your body from exposure to toxins. These antioxidants can modify the free radicals to make them harmless to your health. Most coconut water contains Calcium, Potassium, Manganese, Magnesium, Vitamin C, Sodium and it is a great natural source for your carbs, fiber and protein. Natural is best! So, maybe as a travel nurse, you are in need of some good, quick, healthy hydration. Time to try some coconut water and have a tasty refreshing beverage while enhancing your health. Travel nurses and professional healthcare travelers are very busy and we know it’s easier to grab that readily available soda and junk food. Try a coconut water instead!
It’s time. You should be making your plans for the summer you have always wanted to experience. What do you have in mind? It’s time to plan your summer adventures for 2020 and make it your best one yet! As a travel nurse or professional healthcare traveler the choices are wide open for you in the booming industry you are part of. If you are ready for some summer exploration of parts unknown or whatever you might have in mind, let’s make it happen for you this year. There are assignments for all the specialties: ED, PACU, ICU, PICU, MICU, NICU, CVICU, MS and many others. Facilities across the country in large facilities and small, are looking for qualified, caring people to work in short term, 13-week and sometimes 26 week assignments. In that amount of time you can really get to explore a new area that you have always been thinking about. How about the historical Northeastern cities, like say Portsmouth, New Hampshire? This one is a great place to check out in the summer with live music every weekend and plenty of beautiful sites to see and learn about the history of the country. Or, maybe you want to see some alligators on a boat tour in Florida? It’s really OK. I have kayaked right by them myself, unscathed. Or maybe some snorkeling in the Florida Keys in the clear blue sea? Hiking and mountain biking in Colorado or Oregon, or maybe even a tour of Alaska. That’s somewhere I haven’t made it yet but have always wanted to see. The point is, it’s up to you! What do you want to do this summer? You can click here and fill out our Request for More Info and we’ll get you hooked up with some of the top agencies in the industry today. Come on, let’s make 2020 your year!
As a travel nurse, keeping up with family members and friends is hard! There's of course Facebook and social media, but spending time away from your loved ones is definitely one of the downfalls of the job. Video chatting is definitely an awesome function on almost every smartphone that helps ease the distance a bit. The problem is, with each phone, video chatting is different.  Apple has FaceTime, Samsung has video chat, and each are not compatible with the other. So what do you do? Well there's a few options, to get face to face with your loved ones.  Skype - is probably the oldest video chatting system there is. Back in the day, it wasn't that great, but now, with the advances in technology, the bugs are worked out. Easily downloaded on your phone but setting up an account can prove a nuisance. And of course, to get a better product, you have to pay.  Facebook Messenger- Facebook messenger came out with its own video chat. It's built right into the second app you have to install to be able to read or send messages through Facebook. For the older generation, though, it can prove difficult to use.  Google Duo - Google Duo is by far the best video chat app I have encountered. But of course it is, it's Google, the leading technology company there is. To use, simply download the app, it syncs with your contacts and boom, all done. It's high picture quality and easy navigation makes it my number one choice.  No matter what you use, though, video chatting is a great way to stay connected!