How to be a successful Healthcare Traveler

To a large degree, a sense of adventure is required to be a Healthcare Traveler. There are many rewards to healthcare traveling, both professionally and personally.

Be flexible

Be flexible with your healthcare travel agency and your assigned facility! Be open to locations and willing to travel to a variety of areas. Each assignment is unique and will involve different healthcare facilities, different management styles, and different policies. It is up to you to adapt but the reward is the added professional experience from each assignment.

Maintain your health

Take care of yourself! A change in location or environment is a shock to your system. Eat healthy and exercise when you can. Traveling as a healthcare professional is a wonderful opportunity and good health will enhance the experience.

Five questions to ask yourself when considering a Healthcare Traveler lifestyle

  • What is my motivation for becoming a healthcare traveler?
  • Do I have the personality to adapt to a changing environment?
  • When can I start?
  • Where do I want to go and why?
  • Have I gathered the proper paper work to travel as a healthcare professional?

(You will need proper licensure, vaccination records, current PPD, etc…your agency recruiter will go over that with you and most of the needed records can be obtained from the HR department at your current or last workplace.)

Enjoy yourself!

This is an opportunity to learn about a different region of the country. Take the time to visit local attractions such as state and national parks. Sample the local cuisine! Make friends and stay in touch!

It is important to remember that you are a guest!

You will be on assignment for a relatively short time. Always remember that you are a “guest.” Respect and adapt to the policies and procedures of your assigned healthcare facility.