Do We all need a Foam Roller?

Foam rolling is also known as Self-myofascial release, if you would like to use the fancy term. It has been practiced for years by coaches, therapists and professional athletes. Foam Rolling is a form of self massage and can be used to help release trigger points or muscle tightness. This can help your muscles recover and return to normal functioning. Foam rolling can help to break up knots that have formed in your muscles.

There are scientific studies out which show the many benefits Foam Rolling can provide you. Foam rolling can be done on the floor or with a handheld roller. It has also been shown that foam rolling your hamstrings for as little as 10 seconds can increase your range of motion significantly. It's a simple but effective tool. The use of a foam roller has been found to improve vascular function and reduce stiffness of the arteries.

Some people use a foam roller only when they feel a spot in a muscle that needs to be rolled out. The foam roller can benefit you much more if you use it daily. Using it for only a few minutes a day can help prevent trouble spots in your muscles before they become an issue.

Travel nurses and healthcare travelers deal with so much stress in their every day jobs, it is necessary to find ways to relax and let go of the stress in order to stay healthy. Maybe foam rolling might be a safe, affordable option for you to try at home. I think I will be purchasing one for myself.