Flotation Therapy?

Lately I have seen lots of information about this and did finally give it a try. It's all about relaxation and we all know that if you can relax there are many benefits to be had. Other beneficial effects have also been found.

Flotation Therapy is a sensory deprivation technique that is becoming more popular. The tank you float in is usually about the size of a queen size bed. There are 10-12 inches of water in the tank and it is saturated with up to 1000 pounds of Epsom salts. The water is usually heated to about the same temperature as your skin and produces a zero gravity sensation allowing the body and mind to become calmer and induce relaxation.

Using this therapy has been shown to improve health by reducing stress, reducing anxiety and depression and inhibiting cortisol production. It also can help deepen your meditative state. Flotation therapy can be helpful with addiction issues and mood enhancement. Athletic performance may be enhanced as well due to lactic acid elimination. Chronic fatigue symptoms have improved using this type of therapy also.

As is the case with most any therapy protocols, it gets better as you do more. Your body and mind can learn how to relax with this effortless treatment as you increase sessions. It is an all natural method and has proven to be effective in helping many different physical and mental wellbeing issues and ailments.

Maybe it's time to give it a try. When searching the internet for this type of therapy I found that pricing in my small local area to be about $80 per hour. I'm sure in larger, more populated areas the cost would be higher. I tried it and found it relaxing but never did go again as I find massage much better for me personally. 

How about a soak in some salt water to check out the benefits on your health? It's worth a try for sure.